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STEM Cleaning Services is proud to announce its partnership with North Star Consulting, Inc. to bring professional commercial cleaning services to our clients.  With professional, high quality services and the attention to detail that you demand, we will be focused on our customer’s needs.  Our commitment to quality and customer service ensures that your requirements are fulfilled. You, the customer, receive the benefits of this commitment — results that meets the standards of excellence!  North Star Consulting, Inc. was incorporated in 1995.  They bring a full-service commercial facility cleaning, environmental and safety consultant with over 25 years of experience providing services to large corporate customers, on government projects, and to small clients.  North Star has worked on large high-profile projects, worked with major contracting firms, as well as providing services for small clients that require high quality services.  References will be provided upon request. 

We Currently Provide - Enhanced Government Owned Vehicles (GOV) Cleaning Services Compliant With CDC Guidelines

STATES WE CURRENTLY SERVE:  New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Texas (TX).  


Vacuum interior and trunk

Complete wipe down with CDC approved disinfectant

Shampoo interior carpets, trunk and floor mats

Clean leather seats/Clean and shampoo cloth seats

Spot clean head liner

Clean seat belts

Clean interior windows

Clean vents

Clean door jambs

Clean all cup holders

Clean empty interior compartments

Service time: 4 man-hours, depending on vehicle condition


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